Borderlands 3 will kick off a free Halloween event this week

The Bloody Harvest is the first free content drop for Borderlands 3, and we caught a hint of it back at PAX in August. Now, 2K has shared more details about what to expect when the Halloween event goes live this week.

To access the festivities, you'll have to have played through enough of Borderlands 3's story to have unlocked Sanctuary III. When the Bloody Harvest kicks off, you'll find a large and surprisingly chatty lizard named Maurice aboard your ship who will act as "your guide to all of [Borderlands 3's] seasonal content," according to creative director Paul Sage.

All the Halloweeny stuff going on during Bloody Harvest will be taking place on a planet called Heck, and to get there, you'll need to complete a quest provided by Maurice. Once you've arrived, it'll be a matter of dispatching hordes of zombified Maliwan soldiers, Ratch with a taste for blood, and fire-breathing Rakk-o'-Lanterns on your way to the final boss, Captain Haunt, whose head is a glowing skull.

Bloody Harvest introduces a new 'terror' debuff that haunted enemies can use to blur your vision and screw with your aim. However, using the new Anointed weapons that can be dropped by enemies on Heck, terror can be turned to your benefit.

You'll also be able to find a new legendary shotgun called Fearmonger, as well as seasonal cosmetic items for each of the four Vault Hunter classes in the game. Those are rewarded for completing a new set of Bloody Harvest-exclusive challenges.

Bloody Harvest gets underway Thursday, Oct. 24, and runs all the way to December 5, so you've got plenty of time to collect all the new gear. If you're still working through the endgame, check out our updated list of every Borderlands 3 Shift code.