In Borderlands 3, your base is a spaceship filled with old friends

In Borderlands 2, your base of operations was Sanctuary, a city built on the remnants of a Dahl mining ship. This time around, your base of operations is called Sanctuary 3, and it's not a town built on a ship but an actual spaceship itself. In space. And you won't just be orbiting Pandora in Borderlands 3 but traveling to other planets as well, and there are lots of familiar faces along for the ride.

Along with your personal quarters, which you can decorate with guns, Sanctuary 3 will have spot for Marcus's Munitions, where you can buy new weapons (no refunds!) and try them out at a shooting range. Moxxi has a bar on board your ship as well, complete with slot machines so you can try your luck and hope you don't wind up with a live hand grenade in your lap. Sir Hammerlock has a room on your ship where you can mount trophies of the creatures you've hunted and defeated. Crazy Earl is also aboard, running the Black Market where you can spend the Eridium you collect. And there's lots of other familiar faces on board.

There's also a new vending machine that delivers loot you lost or that landed in a spot where you couldn't collect it. When you arrive on your ship, it'll promptly spit out all the guns you—for whatever reason—didn't pick up. Never lose loot again!

To choose your ship's destination you'll visit the bridge of Sanctuary 3. The only other planet besides Pandora available during the Borderlands 3 demo James and Phil played was Promethea, where according to Borderlands lore, the Atlas corporation first found alien technology. But there was plenty of room in the bridge computer for additional locations, so get ready to do some interstellar fast-traveling to planets unknown. The launch bay is where you blast yourself from Sanctuary 3 down to the surface of whatever planet you're orbiting. 

In space. Cool.

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