Gearbox already brainstorming for Borderlands 3

The smoke still belches forth from our endlessly firing guns in Borderlands 2 , but Gearbox lost no time swinging straight into toying with more absurd quips, plotlines, and bonkers bandits yelling " Stop yelling at me! " for Borderlands 3, according to a recent video interview with lead writer Anthony Burch.

When asked about Gearbox's thoughts of the Borderlands franchise and the prospect of a trilogy, Burch said he's entertaining "some more general ideas I have for Borderlands 3 that I hope we get to see come to fruition."

"The thing about game design is that it's so fluid, things can just change all the time," Burch added. "So, you don't want to get too specific, because then you're like, 'Oh, crap, I gotta write myself out of this hole that I thought would be a really cool idea two years ago.' I could just Looper myself and punch myself in the [appendage exclusive to male anatomy] for having stupid ideas."

Gearbox hasn't delivered any official word on a three-quel, but given the series' popularity and critical success, Borderlands 3 would continue Gearbox's straightforward mantra of adding more upon what works best--oddball characters, a gorgeously constructed world, and troves of loot--and what gamers want.

Omri Petitte

Omri Petitte is a former PC Gamer associate editor and long-time freelance writer covering news and reviews. If you spot his name, it probably means you're reading about some kind of first-person shooter. Why yes, he would like to talk to you about Battlefield. Do you have a few days?