Borderlands 2 E3 screenshots are auroring success


That's meant to be a joke about the aurora borealis by the way. I'm attempting to invoke the phrase "a roaring success", and, if you look at one of the Borderlands 2 screenshots, there's an aurora lurking in the sky. When you spend the first paragraph of a news story trying to explain a pun in the headline you know that the joke probably isn't funny, and that maybe it's time to consider a new career.

ANYWAY, these fresh new screenshots from E3 show everything we loved about the first Borderlands, but done ever so slightly better. The cel-shaded colourful visuals are still a world away from the brown brownness of other shooters, and the monsters and contraptions will ensure don't get "bord". Which is a play on the game's title, by the way. Check them out below.

2K recently announced a range of collector's editions for Borderlands 2. Will you be taking the plunge, readers?