Borderlands 2 collector's editions announced

Borderlands 2 collector's edition

There are two types of Collector's Edition for Borderlands 2. There's the $99.99 Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collector's Edition for those who really like Borderlands, and the $149.99 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition set for fans who really, really REALLY like Borderlands.

The cheaper box comes with a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead, a map of pandora, a download code for the digital comic, an art book and some stickers. The ultra-box is modelled in the style of a red Borderlands loot chest (minus the randomised megaguns), and comes with a set of lithograph postcards, some Sir Hammerlock field notes, a "steel book case" and big ID chart that lists all of the creatures you'll encounter in Pandora. Also, most importantly, there's a cloth map. In case you've never held a cloth map, it is the best sort of map a map could hope to be.

Both editions also come with access to the premiere club, which is also available to everyone who pre-rders an ordinary edition of the game. That'll give you access to a series of DLC downloads at launch and beyond, including a Gearbox Gun pack and access to the fifth Mechromancer class when it's eventually added sometime after Borderlands 2's release on September 18. Have a glance at our Borderlands 2 preview for more, or check out the Borderlands 2 site .

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