Bombshell, the former Duke Nukem ARPG, gets a new trailer


If it weren't for a legal scrap denying publisher 3D Realms access to the Duke Nukem brand, Bombshell would have been the meathead action hero's first foray into the ARPG genre. That may end up a blessing though, because shorn of Duke's baggage the footage above looks pretty promising. It looks like a Duke game in spirit – even some of the sound effects are uncannily familiar – but with a new protagonist and a crisper aesthetic (compared to this earlier trailer), Bombshell looks like it could stand on its own.

The work of Interceptor (the studio responsible for 2013's rebooted Rise of the Triad), Bombshell will launch later this year. It'll be playable at QuakeCon too, which takes place July 23-26.

Shaun Prescott

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