Bomber Crew gets Secret Weapons DLC, a season pass, and a free Winter Update

Bomber Crew, the FTL-esque take on the air war over Europe, got a new DLC pack today called Secret Weapons that includes a new "mini-campaign," with new bomber upgrades, enemy aces, and dangerous enemy fighters. The campaign will take players through missions based on Big Week, a real-world operation that took place in early 1944 in which the US Air Force undertook an aggressive campaign to force the Luftwaffe to engage in direct, decisive combat. 

New airbase upgrades include liveries, advanced bomber upgrades, and thermal flight suits (it gets awfully cold at 30,000 feet in February, especially with the windows open). On the downside, enemy forces will take to the skies in cutting-edge experimental fighters, manned by their best, most experienced pilots—as if it wasn't tough enough already. 

A free Winter Update has also been released that makes "numerous small improvements and fixes" to the base game and adds festive jumpers and bobbie hats for your crew, seasonal bomber paint jobs, an extended Memorial Wall with room for more than 800 names, a low fuel indicator, slightly quicker tagging, and ammo feeds for all turrets.   

The Secret Weapons DLC is available for standalone purchase for $5/£5/€5, or can be had as part of the newly-assembled season pass, which goes for $10/£10/€10 and includes this DLC and another coming next year, the remastered Sounds of the Sky soundtrack, and three skin packs.   

Andy Chalk

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