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Bomber Crew earned $1 million in its first week, and a bunch more stuff is on the way

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Strategic flight sim Bomber Crew is fast becoming an autumn success story. It wowed at first blush (opens in new tab) and held up when our own Paul Dean gave it a go (opens in new tab), and according to lead designer Dave Miller, plenty of others are enjoying it too.

"The reception for Bomber Crew has been really good," Miller told Rock Paper Shotgun. (opens in new tab)Publisher Curve previously announced (opens in new tab)that it brought in more than $1 million in its first week alone. It's been so successful, in fact, that developer Runner Duck is already talking about releasing "another game" in the years to come.

"We’ve got plans for the franchise, not just to take it sideways and do the obvious things," Miller told RPS. "We will now definitely be able to do the next big thing. That’s another title, but it’s quite a way off."

Runner Duck isn't abandoning Bomber Crew's existing players, mind. It already has a small $2 skin pack (opens in new tab), and a slew of small free updates, as well as larger paid DLCs are in the pipes.

The most promising free update is an oft-requested pause feature—or more accurately, a way to slow time during hectic fights in order to better command your flight crew. You can only slow time for so long, and the function is on a cooldown, so combat will retain its headiness. 

This and other free additions will set the stage for bigger, paid expansions, one of which will release "before the end of the year." Another expansion will follow in 2018, which Miller teases as something "everyone's asking for."

Bomber Crew is available on Steam (opens in new tab)for $15. 

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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