Boba Fett looks handsome as ever on these new Star Wars-themed HDDs

Boba Fett on a HDD.
(Image credit: Seagate)

Seagate is releasing a trilogy of Star Wars-related hard drives to celebrate May the Fourth. These Collector's Edition FireCuda external HDDs feature the portraits of a few familiar faces and helmets from the Book of Boba Fett, such as the Mandalorian, Grogu, and Boba Fett. 

The flashy artwork on these 2TB external drives is in the same watercolor-esque style as the end credits sequence of the Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett. Personally, I like the Boba Fett drive because when you flip it over, it's got his dope mythosaur symbol from his armor stamped on it. Though I can see the appeal of carrying a little Grogu hard drive in your pocket as well.

Seagate didn't release SSD versions of these drives, considering it did just that a few months ago when it released those awesome-looking Beskar Ingot drives from The Mandalorian. SSDs are faster, more reliable, and overall just better than HDDs. Though hard drives are generally cheaper, you can get away with getting more storage at lower prices since some of the best external drives are very expensive. 

The MSRP for these HDDs is $140, but Best Buy (among other retailers) sells them for $109, surprisingly cheap for Star Wars branded PC components. These drives are also compatible with Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5s, so you can store your game libraries on them without upgrading your console's storage.

Boba Fett/Mandalorian/Grogu Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive | 2TB
$140 $109 at Best Buy (save $31)

Boba Fett/Mandalorian/Grogu Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive | 2TB
$140 $109 at Best Buy (save $31)
These neat-looking external HDDs aren't as fast as SSDs, but you're getting plenty of storage at a really good discount. Plus, they have Star Wars people on them. 

By the time I started writing this, these drives were in stock, but it seems like they are quickly selling out. If you still wanted those Beskar Ingot drives from a few months ago, those are back on sale and for pretty cheap.

If those too sell out, don't worry, this horrifying latex Yoda mask seems to always be in stock.

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