Blizzard will release Diablo 3 screenshots in exchange for Facebook Likes

Diablo 3 thumb

Blizzard have pledged to reveal new and exclusive Diablo 3 screenshot for every 25,000 'Likes' they receive on their Facebook page. They will keep offering new screens until the page exceeds the one million mark.

This quote recently appeared on the Diablo Facebook page: "The Warcraft Facebook page recently hit 1 million who 'Like' it and rubbed it in our faces. We know there are millions of Diablo players out there, and to take the fight back we have some incentives all lined up."

We've heard hardly anything about Blizzard's highly anticipated action RPG since the reveal of the Demon Hunter class at Blizzcon last year. That could be about to change, providing enough people show some love for the Diablo Facebook page. Right now 552,531 people like it, but that's not enough. For every 25,000 extra likes it receives a new screenshot will be revealed.

If you like Diablo, swing by Facebook and declare your love officially. While you're waiting for the 25,000 likes to roll in, have a read of our Diablo 3 preview , or check out the Diablo 3 site for more information.

Tom Senior

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