Blizzard is making a Voice Chat system

Blizzard voice chat

When Blizzard announced the beta launch date for Overwatch last week, it (somewhat surprisingly) said the game would have built-in voice chat. Now we're learning that it won't just be part of Overwatch, but built into itself. A post on the Overwatch blog said that Voice Chat will launch as part of the Overwatch beta, and that it's "still in its early development and testing stages."

The post makes it clear that, for now, Voice Chat will only be available to use within the Overwatch Beta and that it's still "too early to say which Blizzard games will be supported and when." But the fact that it is being built as part of, rather than as Overwatch's dedicated VoIP system, possibly indicates that Blizzard is interested in the idea of making voice chat available in more of its games.

Heroes of the Storm seems like an easy fit for the service, but the idea of speaking to my BM'ing Hearthstone opponent makes me quiver. Well Met!

Overwatch Lucio Symbol

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