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Black Ops 4's first PC-only weapons rebalance is live

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Treyarch has released the first update aimed at changing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (opens in new tab)'s PC meta, and if you've been smacking your enemies down with dual Saug 9mm submachine guns, it's bad news. 

Hip fire accuracy for the weapon already took a hit in a global patch this week, but now hip fire bullet spread has been widened further on PC, mostly because dual-wielding the guns was proving "extremely popular", Treyarch said in a Reddit post (opens in new tab).

The MOG-12 pump-action shotgun has also been nerfed: Treyarch has reduced its one-hit kill range to try and balance out the strength of the barrel choke attachment.

The Koshka, meanwhile, has been strengthened because it was the least-used sniper among PC players. You'll now be able to one-shot players if you hit them in the chest or head—previously, only headshots would down them in one.

The developer said that "more weapon tuning changes to the PC meta are coming in a future update".

Thanks, Eurogamer (opens in new tab).

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