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Black Ops 2's next DLC could be Vengeance, according to leaked poster

Is this a poster for the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC? Maybe. That's certainly the impression it wants to give you, with its hexagonal map thumbnails and vaguely aggressive sounding name. If it's to be believed, the follow-on map-pack to Revolution and Uprising will be titled Vengeance, and will include four multiplayer maps, one zombie map, and a bonus Mark II Ray Gun.

The poster first surfaced as a German YouTube video containing a series of static images. It teases new maps Detour, Uplink, Rush, and Cove, and zombie map Buried.

Of course, it could just be complete bobbins. Either way, it'll be a long road before Vengeance - or whatever the next pack might be called - makes its way to PC, first having to run the gauntlet of an Xbox 360 exclusivity period.

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Phil Savage
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