Black Ops 2: Uprising released, double weapon XP weekend begins

Not to be outdone by GlobOff's free trial , BlOps 2 is starting a double weapon XP weekend to run alongside the launch of the Uprising map pack. During the event, your weapons will rank up at twice the speed, and... I'll be honest, I was about to mock the idea of weapons gaining XP. But thinking about it, this is almost definitely the sort of thing the military will be looking into.

"In celebration of Black Ops 2: Uprising's impending launch on the PlayStation 3 and PC this Thursday, everyone will be getting double weapon XP starting Friday, May 17 at 10am PDT," the Black Ops Blog informs us. "The Black Ops 2 double weapon XP weekend will come to an end Monday, May 20."

As for Uprising? Treyarch previously released this trailer that explains what it's all about.

Phil Savage

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