Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018 CPU deals: What to expect this year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us. As with every year, a massive amount of products in every imaginable category will be on sale, including CPUs. If you've been on the fence about upgrading for years (still rocking that Core i7-3770K?), this is a great time to splurge on a new processor.

AMD shook up the CPU market last year with its first-generation Ryzen chips, so this year we've seen increased competition from Intel with its eighth and ninth-generation Core processors (Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake, respectively). For the first time ever, six cores are standard on Core i5 chips, making the i5-8400 the best mainstream CPU for gaming.

AMD has also responded with its second-gen Ryzen lineup, which includes the 2600X and 2700X. These are minor upgrades over last year's processors, but it's nice to see AMD continuing to push the envelope.

In this post, we'll go over what kind of sales you can expect to see in the weeks ahead, and what you should keep an eye out for.

What to expect from CPU deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Intel just launched its first 9th-generation "Cannon Lake" Intel Core processors, including the i5-9600K, the i7-9600K, and i9-9900k. The chances of seeing these CPUs on sale are slim, since they're brand new. On the plus side, retailers might be more inclined to clear out their existing inventories of 7th-gen (Kaby Lake) and 8th-gen (Coffee Lake) Intel CPUs.

When it comes to AMD, it's likely that we'll see steep discounts on both first and second-generation Ryzen processors. For some perspective, the Ryzen 5 2600X only launched a few months ago, and it has already dropped in price from $230 to $210. That's not a massive price drop by any means, but it's indicative we might see great deals this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming PC deals from last year

Intel Core i7 i7-7700K | $290.00 ($60 off)
Intel's mainstream overclockable Core i7 from last year, the 7700K, was $60 off the retail price.

Intel Core i5-7600K | $200.00 ($50 off)
Moving down a peg, the overclockable Core i5-7600K was $50 off during last year's Black Friday.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X | $302.00 ($179 off)
To give you an idea of how heavily discounted AMD's CPUs will be this year, this top-tier Ryzen processor was nearly $200 off during Black Friday 2017.

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