BioWare's Anthem likely won't be out until early 2019, according to a report

BioWare said last summer that Anthem, the online multiplayer shooter that bears a more-than-passing resemblance to Destiny, was expected to be out in the fall of 2018. That target window remains posted on the official Anthem YouTube channel. But an in-depth Kotaku report on the state of the game's development cites a source saying that window was "never realistic," and that it will in fact not arrive until early 2019. 

One of the reasons the game is likely to take longer than originally anticipated is the amount that's riding on its success. The report says that both of BioWare's remaining studios, in Edmonton and Austin, are "all-in on Anthem," and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah tweeted this morning that he's working on it as well. (He also re-confirmed that a new Dragon Age is in development, although the Kotaku report says there's currently only a "small team" working on it.) 

Further complicating the matter is widespread discontent with Destiny 2, which could result in heightened expectations for Anthem (and less patience for inevitable growing pains), and the backlash against loot boxes, which will almost inevitably be a part of Anthem's design. At the very least, it's a tough environment for a game like this, and the stakes are high: One developer said that there's concern that if Anthem stumbles, the consequences for BioWare could be dire

Andy Chalk

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