BioWare teases new Mass Effect game with "new stories, new characters" at 2014 E3 EA press conference

BioWare teased the future of Mass Effect during EA's press conference during the first day of E3 today. BioWare Montreal is working on the next Mass Effect game, which will feature new locations, new characters, and new stories.

BioWare Montreal sees it as a “clean sheet,” a chance to build a new Mass Effect series without being beholden to the story and characters that have become so celebrated in the Commander Shepard games. BioWare won't reveal any details of what they're working on just yet, but it's encouraging to think that we'll get to spend more time in the Mass Effect universe and see it with fresh eyes. The prototype footage shown included a roaring Krogan.

While BioWare Montreal works on the next generation of Mass Effect stories, BioWare Edmonton is developing a completely new, so far unrevealed, concept.