BioWare says no "major" Mass Effect: Andromeda news on N7 Day

Mass Effect

N7 Day, for those not deeply embedded in the Mass Effect fandom, takes place every year on November 7, a date chosen because it corresponds nicely with Commander Shepard's N7 designation. It's basically a day to celebrate all things Mass Effect, and of course BioWare uses it effectively as a marketing tool to keep the series at the forefront of the collective gamer consciousness. Last year, it held a "developer roundtable" on Twitch to talk about the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda and also dropped more than a half-dozen pieces of very cool concept art. For N7 day in 2015, however, the pickings are going to be a little slimmer.

This year, BioWare will host a livestream featuring Mass Effect 3: Citadel gameplay to raise money for Extra Life, during which viewers will be able to vote on what choices are made. It's also put up some custom N7 banners and profile pictures for Facebook and Twitter, and there will be sales in the BioWare store and various sorts of giveaways. But it doesn't sound like there will be a data dump comparable to that of last year.

"This Saturday, November 7th, we’re celebrating the Mass Effect Trilogy with a marathon Extra Life livestream, giveaways, and awesome deals on Mass Effect merch," BioWare wrote. "And while we won’t have any major announcements for Mass Effect: Andromeda this N7 Day, keep an eye out on Saturday for some surprises that we’re sure you’ll enjoy."

BioWare has been playing its Mass Effect: Andromeda cards very close to the vest so far, but it did say in June that will be out in 2016. That's not all that terribly far away—here's what we want from it when it arrives.

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