Bioware launch Dragon Age 2 Call To Arms challenge

Dragon Age 2 preorder bonuses

Bioware have announced that if next week's Dragon Age 2 demo hits one million downloads, they'll give everyone who plays it two items to use in the full game, including a tome that will earn your character bonus experience.

Bioware have thrown down the gauntlet on the Dragon Age 2 site. If you're planning on downloading next week's Dragon Age 2 demo, be sure to log in to your EA account while playing. Doing so will count your download towards the one million tally that will unlock two items in the full game, including the Lorthering's Lament, which earns your character bonus XP when read, and the Far Cliffs of Kirkwall, which will give you extra money.

Playing the demo already unlocks an extra Dwarven blade in the full game. In fact, there's now a whole armoury of items that can be unlocked in the full game, including a bonus sword and shield for pre-ordering , and a further five unlocks planned for the Dragon Age 2 Facebook game.

Fortunately, somewhere underneath all of the pre-order deals and bonus items, there's an excellent game waiting to be released. You can read our Dragon Age 2 review in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK , which is out now. Dragon Age 2 is out on March 8 in the US and March 11 in Europe.

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