BioShock Infinite sweepstakes offers chance to include your name in DLC

The folks at Irrational Games are once again offering fame and fortune to a lucky few in a new contest , the winners of which will find their names somewhere in episode two of BioShock Infinite 's upcoming DLC, Burial at Sea .

Those interested can enter the contest by completing all 60 Blue Ribbon challenges in the recent Clash in the Clouds DLC by August 27 at 9 a.m. EDT. For those who missed our coverage of Infinite's first piece of DLC, the Blue Ribbon challenges are optional objectives that generally restrict which weapons you use or require you to kill enemies in a certain way.

The announcement notes that you don't have to complete all the challenges in one sitting—just be sure to have all 60 blue ribbons by that date if you want to apply. Thankfully, any of the blue ribbons you've collected prior to the announcement still count. According to the official rules , the three winners will be announced “on or about” August 30 but no later than September 8.

Irrational didn't specify exactly where the winners' names would show up, saying it will make that decision at a later date. Those lucky enough to be immortalized in the upcoming DLC will receive a hi-res screenshot of their name from Irrational, along with instructions on how to find it.

This isn't the first time Irrational has emblazoned a fan's name into BioShock Infinite, though the sweepstakes it held reportedly had over 100,000 submitted entries. Here's hoping the Blue Ribbon challenge requirement cuts that number down a bit.