Bioshock Infinite developer diary makes voice actor cry :(

[VAMS id="9mByjUblr3msH"]

The second video from the behind the series on Bioshock Infinite gets into the surprisingly intense voice acting sessions behind the E3 demo we saw earlier this year. To get the actor playing Elizabeth to feel sad about the horse that dies in the demo, the actor that plays Booker employs the classic acting technique of being really mean to her until she cries. "That wasn't Troy just being an asshole, that was me asking Troy to get Courtnee to an emotional place" explains Ken Levine.

Still, everyone, including Courtnee, seem pretty happy with the results. I've embedded the full E3 demo below in case you missed it. Remember, real human tears were shed for that dead horse!

[VAMS id="OIyo6PcTw4638"]

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