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BioShock Collection Let's Play video shows off the original game's gloriously remastered intro

The original BioShock was a fantastic game, and it began with one of the most visually spectacular and unforgettable intros of any game: The descent to Rapture. That sequence features in the first of three “Let's Play” videos released today by 2K that showcase how the games have been upgraded for the BioShock Collection

2K released a side-by-side comparison video a couple of weeks ago that makes the differences between the original BioShock and the remastered edition more obvious, but it's nice to see the whole thing in all its overhauled glory, isn't it? I played BioShock on not-quite-cutting-edge hardware, so while it looked good, it sure didn't look like this. I'm not generally one for new paint jobs slapped onto old games, but I'm definitely going to want to take this for a spin. 

The BioShock Collection is set to come out on September 13. More info is up at

Andy Chalk
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