First Biomutant patch will tackle dialogue problems alongside combat

(Image credit: Experiment 101)
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The developers at Experiment101 have announced they're working on an update for Biomutant, naturally, that they "hope to get into players' hands soon." The update will include work on some of the community's most persistent bugbears, like "the pacing of dialogues, narrator settings, difficulty settings, video settings like depth of field and motion blur, loot and enemy tuning as well as sound and combat."

Weird dialogue pacing, as well as the persistent and constant narration, have been key notes from many players. Though you can turn down the constant chatter from the narrator, you can't turn it off.

Key for some people, me included, is a promise to change video settings like depth of field and motion blur. Some people don't like those. I do not like them. For now, you can go and find some mods to change those—they're already out there.

Reviewer James Davenport found Biomutant to have a charming world, but lackluster gameplay, in our review. "Biomutant feels like it's going to be much more," he said, "but in practice it's an endless stream of new ideas that go nowhere and beautiful, toxic landscapes with little to offer except an excuse to use photo mode."

Nonetheless, James did give out some hot tips for making the most of Biomutant.

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