Biomutant is expected to launch within the next few months

Elusive martial-arts RPG Biomutant could be preparing for release within the next few months, according to publisher THQ Nordic.

Described as a "post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable", Biomutant is a shockingly ambitious open-world debut for developer Experiment 101. Last year's extended gameplay trailer was a rollercoaster of nonsense—open-world exploration, character introductions, boss fights, shootouts, and a fight between a massive fish and a mechanical squid. It was a lot.

Hardly shocking, then, that the game has already been delayed twice. Once set to release back in 2019, Experiment 101 later delayed the game into mid-2020. That window clearly came and went, and there's been no word since on a revised release date from the game's developers.

Of course, if THQ Nordic are to be believed, Biomutant will be in our Steam libraries before the end of March. The publisher's 2020 annual report namedrops Biomutant as one of its tentpole games for the coming financial year, which turns over on March 31. Speaking to, Nordic CEO Klemens Kreuzer called Biomutant ""a release of great importance" for the publisher, with plans to release it this quarter.

I wouldn't get too excited for an imminent release, mind. Even a March release would leave Nordic with little time to ramp up excitement for (allegedly) one of its biggest launches of the year, and Experiment 101 still hasn't updated their release plans since last summer's delay. For all we do know about Biomutant's bonkers open world, I'm still not entirely sure how all these mutant gun-bunnies, karate kittens and giant steampunk airships are supposed to come together.  

But hey, 2021 just started, and there's a few months yet to see if THQ Nordic's plans to turn us all into furry fighters will come to bear. Wouldn't that be nice?

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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