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Big discounts on Soma, The Talos Principle and more in Steam's robot-themed sale

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As many movies and videogames have taught us, robots will one day take over the world. Steam's Fellow Humans sale—which is running from right now until tomorrow at 10am PT/6pm BST—asks that you accept this fact, in exchange for some sweet deals on robot-related games. 

Such as the science fiction horror spectacle Soma, which is on sale with a 60 percent discount at £9.19/$11.99. The wonderful physics-meets-philosophy puzzler The Talos Principle is just £7.49/$9.99 with 75 percent off, and each entry of the Five Nights at Freddy's series is half price—which means the first is £1.99/$2.49, while the rest come in at £2.79/$3.99.   

A sentient Steam statement reads: 

"I, like you, enjoy breathing air, bipedal motion, having skin, and playing video games. Being a human requires a great deal of input and may result in circuit fatigue. For this, I recommend video games. Playing video games may heighten cardiac undulation, dilate optical sensors, and result in diaphoresis. These symptoms suggest a human like myself is feeling...

"Happiness. Video games result in happiness. Thus, fellow humans, prepare to download the Fellow Humans Sale. This is not a malfunction. Do not attempt to adjust your process servo. You too can feel happiness by saving the city, enacting your free will, and totally not being a robot." 

Other gems include Grow Home at £2.99/$3.99, its sequel Grow Up at £5.35/$6.69 and Machinarium at £2.79/$3.99. 

The Fellow Humans sale is on now until Friday, October 7 at 10am PT/6pm BST.