Beyond Black Mesa trailer: Shepherd returns

beyond black mesa thumb

Adrian Shepherd, the protagonist of Half-Life's expansion Opposing Force, has sort of vanished from the HL universe, hasn't he? Beyond Black Mesa is a short film project that looks to bring him back from the mysterious G-Man protagonist deposit box and thrust him into the role of a resistance fighter in City 17. Look!

The Birmingham based project's site is here . From their blog , Beyond Black Mesa is "an action-packed short film centered around Adrian Shephard and a band of resistance fighters who are struggling to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. When an army of Combine soldiers implement an elaborate plan of attack to rid the rest of those who remain, the resistance must warn the other survivors of the mass invasion, or face the extinction of the human race."

We'll let you know when you could watch the whole thing. I'm dying to see someone actually finish one of these and make it available. I'd rather see a Portal movie, though, you know? What about you guys, do you have any games you'd love to see buffering away on youtube as short films?