Bethesda opens publishing office in Sydney, Australia

Bethesda Softworks, the publisher best known for systematically destroying the concept of time when releasing an Elder Scrolls game , announced earlier today that it's opening a publishing office in Sydney, Australia. Bethesda said the new office will help market and distribute its games in the land down under and whatever New Zealand's catchy nickname is.

The new office will be managed by Simon Alty, who used to be the managing director at One to Another, a marketing company Bethesda used for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's launch.

Given that Australia hasn't been the easiest place in the world to publish mature content, it makes sense to have someone there to advocate for the company rather than phoning an argument in thousands of miles away. Australia may have relaxed some of its more stringent rules when it added the R18+ rating, though that still wasn't enough for certain games . Time will tell whether Shinji Mikami's gruesome The Evil Within makes that list, though the Australian government seems more concerned with anal probes and illicit drug use than chainsaw-wielding monsters—when it comes to videogames, of course.