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What are the best Hyper Scape guns? Finding and upgrading a weapon quickly will give you a good advantage in Ubisoft's battle royale game. Base weapons may be weak, but searching for duplicates and fusing them together improves their magazine and damage stats. In the sci-fi cityscape of Neo Arcadia, you need a gun you can rely on to help you clear your way to victory.   

As the meta settles around two main loadouts, sniper/SMG and rifle/heavy combos appear to be worth hunting for every game. However, there are viable options that may have slipped under your radar in the heat of battle. Let's take a closer look at each weapon to determine which are the best Hyper Scape guns, and help you find the weapons that complement your playstyle.

Every Hyper Scape gun


Full-auto assault rifle

Sometimes an all-purpose assault rifle is just what you need to get the job done. Hyper Scape's Ripper does exactly what it promises, tearing through enemy HP when fused to the max. It starts with a 24-bullet magazine, but searching for duplicate guns in the early portion of the match increases your magazine capacity and damage. Precise tracking and an aggressive streak is all you need to succeed with this gun. Try pairing it with a Skybreaker to decimate full squads.   

Protocol V

Single-shot sniper rifle

The Protocol V is the perfect weapon for one-shot wonders. When fully upgraded, a single headshot deals lethal damage, making it an intimidating tool as the match draws to a close. Fused to level four and below, you'll need two headshots to take out an opponent, but even landing body shots with this sniper is damaging. There's a reason why the Protocol is already firmly nestled into the meta, and that's thanks to its precise, game-winning shots.  


Rapid-fire SMG

The Harpy may be small and light, but its high fire rate whittles down enemy health bars quickly. The main thing to bear in mind is its recoil pattern, which drags it upwards and slightly to the left. Spend some time in training mode before hopping into a game and practice compensating for its recoil when you spray; You'll be impressed with the results. This is a popular pick with streamers—including Valkia—who usually pair it with the Protocol V to ensure they're equipped to handle both close-combat and long-distance engagements.

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Single-shot energy cannon 

Not only does the Skybreaker look as though it's been pulled off the side of a spaceship, it feels about as powerful as one, too. So, take care when using this powerful energy cannon. Its devastating bursts of electricity have a wide spread that'll soften up a squad nicely, but it requires you to reload between every shot. Quick-swapping to your secondary weapon is fundamental for finishing off injured opponents. Continue fusing for increased damage across the course of the match and replenish your ammo reserves often.


Plasma blast launcher

Toy with incoming enemies by knocking them back with the Komodo. This plasma weapon deals respectable damage, while making it easy to judge exactly where your blasts will land. You spend a lot of time airborne during matches, but if you find that you could use a little boost, use the Komodo to perform a rocket jump. While the Skybreaker is more popular, this gun doesn't require a perfect shot every time. Starting off with a clip of four plasma bullets, you can upgrade the Komodo's magazine to double its base capacity, and fire in quick succession to deplete opponents' health quickly. 


Automatic gatling gun

If you're one for spraying and praying, the Hexfire is just waiting for you to give it a chance. Chasing other squads across rooftops and bouncing on jump pads is made all the more amusing when you have a mobile turret in hand. Become a relentless pain in the enemy's behind with this forgiving weapon. Upgrading it to level five increases its damage and equips a magazine that can take out an entire squad before you even have to think about reloading.

Riot One

Heavy pistol

Think of the Riot One as Hyper Scape's answer to the Desert Eagle. It rewards disciplined players for taking controlled, precise shots and can remove a threat in just three clicks when fully fused. If you're looking to show off your skills, the Riot One will either prove your worth as a sharp-shooting battle royale champion, or brutally highlight why you need to head back into aim training.

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Salvo EPL

Explosive projectile launcher

Hoping to channel your inner Junkrat? The Salvo EPL lets you bounce explosive projectiles off walls and across the floor to catch enemies unawares. Work with your team to push a squad together and bombard them with bouncing balls of exploding fire. Be sure to account for the Salvo's knockback, though. It takes five direct hits to eliminate a foe when fully fused, so consider equipping the Harpy or Ripper to seal the murderous deal.      

Mammoth MK I

Pump-action shotgun

There's only one shotgun in Hyper Scape and that's the Mammoth MK I. It performs well at close range, taking out enemies with just three shots in its weakest form. Fusing it to level five upgrades its magazine to nine, and eliminates opponents with two swift body shots. It specialises in dominating combat in tight spaces so stalking a player and cornering them in a building will ensure you have the upper hand.


Targeting automatic pistol

Pistols don't feel particularly powerful in Hyper Scape. The battle royale's high time-to-kill makes using a tiny hand gun feel a bit pathetic versus an assault rifle or energy weapon. There's no reward for landing headshots with the D-Tap, so holding down Mouse 1 and aiming for enemy torsos is the best approach. The D-Tap may not be the most exciting weapon but it's preferable over your baton when you first touch down in Neo Arcadia.

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