The best Dying Light 2 blueprints and how to get them

Dying Light 2
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To say that Dying Light 2 blueprints are important would be an understatement. In fact, you can hardly survive a night in Villedor without them. Blueprints are the crafting recipes needed to create weapon modifications, accessories, consumables, and other handy stuff. That includes a literal finger gun and the Dying Light 2 Korek Charm, which essentially gives you infinite weapon durability.

So in this Dying Light 2 blueprint guide, I’ll show you how to get the best items so you can survive the zombie onslaught. 

How to upgrade

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Dying Light 2 upgrade blueprints: How to improve your important items

Some blueprints are quest rewards, but most are bought from Craftmasters. So, besides progressing through the main story, have a look at the local Craftmaster’s stock whenever you’re near a settlement. 

A great blueprint gets even better with some upgrades. You can get these at the Craftmaster stations in return for Special Infected Trophies. The higher the upgrade, the more (and rarer) the Trophies. Besides that, you need to lay down some Old World Money. But that's the easy part: just go to a vendor and sell your valuables.

Nightrunner tools

Best Dying Light 2 nightrunner blueprints

The Nightrunner Tools are arguably the best items in Dying Light 2. They’re main quests rewards, so don’t bother trying to find a Craftmaster who sells them. Unlike other blueprints, they come with only three upgrade levels in total:

  • Paraglider: Sick of all the running and jumping? The Paraglider is an amazing tool to cover short distances between high buildings. Try to get the second upgrade, which grants you the ability to increase height while in flight.
  • The Grappling Hook: Arguably even better than the other Nightrunner Tools, allowing you to climb buildings much faster.
  • UV Flashlight: An extremely handy tool capable of damaging and stunning Infected. The battery drains quickly, but the second upgrade will make a huge improvement.


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Best Dying Light 2 consumables blueprints

  • Medicine (2 chamomile, 1 honey): Unsurprisingly, this health-restoring item is the first and most important blueprint you’ll get in Dying Light 2. The ingredients are easily found in the Villedor Garden Groves. 
  • Regeneration Booster (1 honey, 1 poppy): Heals over time. A great way to save your faster healing items for combat.
  • Immunity Booster (2 chamomile, 2 UV Shroomz): Always bring a few of these when going out at night. You’ll get the blueprint during a main quest. 
  • Muscle Booster (2 cordyceps, 2 poppy): Increases your melee damage. With so many Boosters in Dying Light 2, the Muscle Booster still manages to stand out. After all, who doesn’t use melee weapons?

Weapons and accessories

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Best Dying Light 2 weapon blueprints

  • Lockpick (5 scraps): As one of the first blueprints you’ll get, the lockpick is an essential tool to help you get to the most valuable loot. 
  • UV Bar (20 scraps, 5 resin, 3 pigments, 1 oxidizer): Unlike UV Shroomz and boosters, the UV Bar doesn’t just increase your immunity, but creates a UV-lit space. It’s costlier, but it fully restores your immunity and repels any nearby Infected.
  • Boomstick (100 scraps): This ranged weapon only fires two rounds, but that’s enough to deal exceptionally high damage against Special Infected. As long as you save the bullets for the right occasion and you don’t miss, it’s one of the best weapons in the game. 
  • Molotov Cocktail (10 scraps, 3 rags, 1 alcohol): This fiery throwable is very easy to craft and is pretty damaging. It also distracts those it hits, making it a great defensive tool as well. 
  • DIY Grenade (10 scraps, 1 alcohol, 1 battery): More damaging than the Molotov Cocktail, but it’s quite hard to find batteries.
  • Throwing Knife (10 scraps, 1 rag): This weapon doesn’t deal as much damage as other throwable weapons, but it’s great for stealthy players.

Mods and ammo

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Best Dying Light 2 mod and ammo blueprints

  • Spark (tip mod): Every elemental effect is an improvement, but Spark is especially useful as it can spread to other Infected. Very handy against groups. 
  • Slit (tip mod): Applies bleeding for 15 seconds, dealing 4 damage per second without any upgrades. As the total damage is higher compared to similar mods, Slit is great against Special Infected.
  • Reinforcement (grip mod): Decreases the weapon’s durability loss. Put it on your most powerful weapons to make them last longer. 
  • Infected Arrows (10 scraps, 1 feather, 3 Uncommon Infected Trophies): Great against human enemies, as it turns them into Virals.