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best Cyberpunk 2077 classes
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What are the Cyberpunk 2077 classes? Cyberpunk's class system is flexible, allowing players to pick and mix the skills on offer to create the perfect character. Details on the available skills are a little sketchy in this pre-launch period, so I'll update this guide with more information as it becomes available.

There are several branches to explore, and you have the freedom to unlock abilities from each one. There are also Cyberpunk 2077 lifepaths (opens in new tab) to consider as you establish your character's place in Night City. Whether you're a cautious player who prefers to avoid unnecessary danger, or a budding hacker looking to glean deep secrets from others, there are skills that are bound to appeal to you. Here's a quick run through to help you choose the best Cyberpunk 2077 class for you.

Here are all the Cyberpunk 2077 classes


Netrunners opt for a sneaky approach to infiltrate areas undetected. If you're keen to develop your hacking skills and want to experiment when approaching enemy encounters, you'll want to check out the skills in this class. The Cyberpunk 2077 Deep Dive (opens in new tab) from last summer demonstrates how you can interfere with nearby objects to secure your safe passage through an area without pulling a single punch. There's always a way to manipulate the environment to suit your needs.

There are various levels of hacking, but the most interesting examples seen so far are quick hacks. These let you create distractions by messing with nearby vending machines and robots. You can also wrest control of security cameras, and even go as far as overriding others people's implants. Netrunners can also hack into access points, mining for enemy intel. The further you pry into a network, the higher the chance of unearthing encrypted data, officer tracing, and other information that'll give you an advantage in a mission.

I'm looking forward to embracing the Netrunner class, but due to being impatient and clumsy when it comes to stealth, I'll probably need to invest in some Solo skills to bail myself out of tricky situations.

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If you prefer to rush in guns-blazing, shoot for the Solo class. The Solo's skills revolve around fighting and weaponry. Guns, swords, even bare fists are a viable option for a Solo player. Last year's Deep Dive (opens in new tab), showed off a 'Strong Solo' build, where the character used brute force to tear a gun from its turret housing and shred through a gang in a deserted mall.

From this brief preview, it seems the Solo class is a good fit for players who love to power through a group of enemies with an endless stream of bullets. But there's room to bring out your knuckle dusters too. If you plan to get up close and personal to your enemies, you can soften them up with an array of specialised melee cyberware. A dedicated Solo won't let anything stand in their way, whether it's a locked door that they can smash open, or an unlucky goon who can serve as a meat shield in a firefight.


There's confusion over whether Techie remains a proper class in the way Netrunner and Solo are, rather than a more general pool of skills that any class can benefit from. As far as I can tell, however, the Techie attributes and its corresponding skills are still on the table. Techies specialise in engineering, which includes gear upgrades alongside weapon and technological modifications. I'm interested to see if Techie skills will influence dialogue at all, as there doesn't seem to be a space for that in the other categories.

While there isn't much to say about the Techie skills just yet, I reckon some of their abilities will be worth unlocking early. Having the option to craft things myself sounds valuable, especially in the early game where I may rely on my armor and weapons more heavily.

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