The best Call of Duty: Cold War guns in Warzone

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What are the best Call of Duty: Cold War guns that have been added to Warzone? Season 1 dropped over 30 Warzone guns from Cold War. This means that as long as you've already unlocked them, you can use your best Cold War loadouts and blueprints in Warzone. While recent nerfs have affected some of the guns in the following list, they still remain potent enough to include.

So, here are nine of the best Call of Duty: Cold War guns for Warzone. I've covered a variety of weapon classes that are viable in Warzone, so whether you prefer to take on enemies in close quarters combat, or sit back with a sniper, there's a helpful recommendation for you in this list. Let's take a quick look at each gun and the situations in which they perform best.

The best Call of Duty: Cold War guns for Warzone right now


Unlocked at level 49. Also available in the Tracer Pack: Violet Anime bundle (1800 CP).  

Pistols aren't usually worth shouting about in Warzone, but the Diamatti has certainly caught my attention. This is a snappy pistol that can quickly decimate an enemy team in a few short bursts. Similar to the DMR-14, you'll need to invest some time in Warzone or Cold War before you can unlock this pistol, but there's a bundle in the store that gives you a blueprint to work with in the meantime. For the best results, get your Diamatti to level 35 to unlock the Dual Wield stock attachment.

Submachine Guns

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Unlocked at tier 15 in the Season 1 battle pass (free). 

If you prefer to get up close and personal with your opponents, the MAC-10 is a monstrous SMG that'll tear through enemy squads in no time. It has an impressive fire rate, so it's always worth slapping on an extended magazine to ensure you won't run out of ammo mid-firefight. It's perfect for rushing down enemies in tight spaces, and it also performs really well as a secondary, particularly if you're planning on equipping a tactical or sniper rifle in your primary slot. 

If you're unsure which attachments to equip, Morgan has you covered with his recommendations of the best MAC-10 loadouts.

Unlocked at level 19.

It's always fun to rush around with an SMG in Warzone, and the AK-47u won't disappoint. It dishes out more damage than both versions of the MP5, while also performing much better at range than the MAC-10. Once you've invested the time levelling this weapon up, there's certainly room to switch to this as your first-choice SMG. That said, similar to the MAC-10 and FFAR 1, this slots into a loadout with a sniper or marksman rifle nicely, too. 

Tactical Rifles

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Unlocked at level 49. Also available in the Totemic and The Arrow Head bundles (800 CP each).

The DMR-14 has emerged as a deadly semi-auto tactical rifle, which is why you're seeing lots of them in Warzone. Picking enemies off from afar is this gun's speciality, so make sure you pick at least a 2x or 3x scope when rounding out your own build. 

Ideally, you'll use the DMR to score headshots with the DMR-14 and eliminate other squads quickly, but if you have a steady shot and one of the best DMR 14 loadouts equipped, you'll come to appreciate the minimal recoil this weapon offers. It takes a while to unlock, but if you don't fancy grinding all the way to level 49, there are a couple of bundles with pre-installed attachments fitted that you can use for now.

Type 63
Unlocked at level 4.

If you're not a fan of the DMR-14, the Type 63 is a reliable alternative. It deals more damage, and allows you to be slightly more mobile out in the field. It's recoil and fire rate are admittedly worse than the DMR-14, but with nerfs inbound it's worth exploring the other Cold War additions that you can begin unlocking attachments for. This is an accurate rifle that'll get the job done if you're good at spotting enemies and taking sensible shots at range. It's all a patient Warzone player needs to succeed.

Unlocked at level 10.

If you're handy with burst fire weapons, show off your skills with the M16. It beats the AUG in almost every stat, offering a superior fire rate, and general handling. Cold War's tactical rifles are currently popular in Warzone, and the M16 rivals some assault rifles with regards to damage and accuracy, so consider choosing this over guns like the M4A1, M13, and Kilo 141. If you are switching from one of these weapons, just bear in mind that you'll need to account for the short delay between bursts with this rifle.

Assault Rifles

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Krig 6
Unlocked at level 16.

The beauty of the Krig 6 is that it doesn't take long to unlock, and it's a fully automatic assault rifle, which makes it comfortable and easy to adjust to. It sports impressive damage and accuracy without sacrificing control, so if your aim is on point expect pleasing results. It has significantly better range than the XM4 assault rifle, which is more suited to the Warzone setting. Equipping a suppressor also ensures that it won't give away your position once you've set your sights on another squad. Take a look at our list of the best Krig loadouts to find the best setup that suits your playstyle.

Unlocked at level 40.

The FFAR 1 is valuable for its rapid rate-of-fire. While it may not deal as much damage as its assault rifle counterparts, you can empty its magazine quickly and reload to take down opponents in quick succession. Pop this into a loadout with a marksman rifle like the Kar98k and you'll have all ranges covered. You'll need to grind all the way to level 40 to unlock this rifle, but it's worth the work you'll need to put in to make it a viable Warzone AR.   

Sniper Rifles

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Pelington 703
Unlocked at level 4.

If your gameplan revolves around sniping from a distance, take the Pelington 703 for a spin. This bolt-action sniper rifle has a respectable fire rate and mobility in comparison to other options in its class, and it's usually easier to control. If you're just warming up to the idea of using a sniper in the open stretches of Warzone, this is a great starting weapon, one that you can begin unlocking more attachments for almost immediately. Morgan is our resident sharp-shooting sniper, so take a peek at his suggestions for the best Pelington 703 loadouts.

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