Become the gnarliest farmer in town with this Stardew Valley skateboard mod

Stardew Valley skate mod
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Stardew Valley, we can all agree, is a great game. But is it a rad game? An ill game? A game that shreds the gnar?

Well, it is now. A new mod from creator 'aedenthorn' lets you craft and ride a skateboard as you tend to your crop. Finally, you can live out all your fantasies of becoming the dopest farmer in a 100-mile radius.

Putting your deck together is just a matter of gathering some basic materials and using the crafting menu. Once you have it, the world is your halfpipe: movement becomes a kind of slip and slide across the map as you build and lose momentum. If you've ever ridden the mach bikes in Pokémon games, it's a bit like that. Travel becomes a lot quicker, but it also gets easier to lose control and careen headfirst into a wall.

The creator recommends combining the skateboard mod with their 'Yet Another Jump' mod, both for "performing wicked techs" and for "getting unstuck" when you inevitably shred yourself into a situation you can't get out of. Using both mods in tandem turns you into the veritable Tony Hawk of Pelican Town, stunting on poseurs as you make your way to Joja Mart.

It's very good fun indeed, and if you really want to get yourself in trouble you can easily edit settings like max speed and acceleration using the mod's config options. You will be a barely-identifiable blur as you harvest turnips at warp speed while kickflipping. If that's not the dream, what is?

If skating isn't your thing, you can always check out our exhaustive list of Stardew Valley mods out there right now. Fair warning, though: they might be the best, but this one's the sickest.


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