Become a lamb and lead the sheep in Devolver's cute, dark Cult of the Lamb

Devolver Digital and Massive Monster unveiled a strange new concoction during today's Opening Night Live stream at Gamescom: Cult of the Lamb, an adorably cute and astonishingly dark game about running a cult in a crumbling world filed with dark magic.

Players will become a possessed lamb—literally—whose life is saved by a mysterious stranger, a debt they must repay by building a following in his name. You'll venture out into the world to spread the One True Word, a task that will force you to confront dangerous hordes of enemies and rival cults. 

Between excursions, you'll build and upgrade your base in order to keep your followers happy, perform rituals to appease dark gods, and deliver sermons to ensure the faith of your flock, occasionally resorting to more underhanded methods, as cults are want to do. As their devotion grows, so does your power.

Cult of the Lamb is expected to be out in 2022 on Steam, but you don't have to wait that long to get a closer look at what it's all about: We've also got an in-depth gameplay preview and chat with members of the Massive Monster development team.

Andy Chalk

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