Become a giant VR god and smash tiny non-VR players

Watching someone play VR is often a pretty boring affair. There they are, strapped into hundreds of dollars of expensive equipment, while you sit and watch them on an awkwardly placed monitor. Davigo, a work-in-progress multiplayer arena from Davigo Studio, wants to let you to whip out your laptops and start a virtual fight with your VR-wearing pal.

Already in a closed alpha and coming soon to Steam Early Access, Davigo is a Davis vs Goliath battle pitting one, huge VR-wearing colossus against up to four VR-less warriors. The VR player is proper massive, taking on the form of a giant head with great big disembodied hands with which to crush their tiny opponents.

That's if they can catch the flatscreen players, mind. While grossly outsized, the VR-less team is nimble, able to duck around maze-like maps taking pot-shots at the giant. The VR player can try to swat away attacks, but it sounds like the VR-less players will be able to build up increasingly powerful attacks, eventually flying rockets about and crashing into the VR player's face.

Getting a group of pals round to beat up the one person who can afford a headset sounds a right laugh. But Davigo has a few nice touches to help keep things fresh. The game will ship with its own level editor for creating and sharing new maps, and will also fully supporting Steam Remote Play.

Davigo is currently playable in Alpha for supporters of the developer's Patreon. The game doesn't yet have an early access release date, but the developer eventually hopes to add online multiplayer and multiple giants in one match.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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