Beat Age of Empire Online's devs in PvP this afternoon, win entire civilizations


At 2 PM PST today, Age of Empires Online's Balance Team testers are taking all challengers in the PvP arena . Fair warning, these are the guys and gals whose full-time job is knowing every tiny nuance of the game--including how to perfectly counter your Egyptian camel rush tactic--so don't expect an easy fight.

If you do manage to take down one of the mighty tester titans, however, you'll be rewarded with a code to unlock the premium version of any civilization in the game, or other cash shop packs if you already own them all.

To throw down with the testers, move your favorite civ to the Marathon server (if it's not already there, transfer is a quick and free option on your login page) before the 2 PM PST start time. Then head to the Sparta PvP region and queue for a ranked PvP Champion game. The testers will be queueing for awhile, but there's no guarantee that you'll be pitted against one. They've also said on their forums that they'll be arranging custom PvP games in the chat channels, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Update: We just got word that the main contact in-game for this event is "IamSTEVEHOLT". Look for him in the chat channels, and he'll be accepting Champion challenges sent his way whenever he's not already in a game.

Those more interested in spectating the carnage than getting their hands dirty can watch the fights live on Age of Empire's official livestream page . You can download the free-to-play game on Steam .