Be My Valentine is GTA's latest off-kilter update

GTAV Valentine

Roses are red, this new car is red, your mangled corpse is red. It can only be the Grand Theft Auto Online Be My Valentine event, live now.

Be My Valentine brings a few frivolous goodies free for all. The Albany Roosevelt Valor is a classic car in which to sweep your lady friend off to watch the sunset from Mount Chiliad. You can buy one from Legendary Motorsport.

GTA V Valentine clothes

There's also some sharp period clothing on offer (but really when isn't beige check in fashion?), to be joined on Friday by a couples event called 'Till Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode'. That's more like it.

All this is accompanied by everything from the previous Valentine's update too (the more fittingly named Valentine's Day Massacre Special) and the Gusenberg Sweeper is back in stock at Ammu-Nation. Enjoy it while it lasts.