Be alone with your camera in peaceful free photography game 30 Pictures

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

Remember rolls of film? If yes, what was the deal with rolls of film *Seinfeld theme tune*. If no, they were like memory cards, but with much stricter shot limits, and that you had to take into an actual shop to get developed. Luckily you won't have to do the second thing with lovely free jam game 30 Pictures, but you only have 30 uses of its in-game camera before the game cuts out.

At least you're somewhere pleasant: you're a new arrival to a peaceful little island where the only other inhabitants are a bunch of 2D animals: sheep, a dozing bear, a happy little mole. With its blocky geometry, aliased textures, and rugged island setting, it feels a bit like being given a photo mode in a '90s RPG like King's Field, and with a cheat turned on that removes all enemies from the world.

It is quite small. That's the rub at the moment, but developer ahintoflime plans to expand it down the line by "making it more of a 'game': expanding the world, adding more creatures and secrets, more interactivity." Let's hope that happens. But for now, there are a few fun things to discover in this blessedly stress-free snapping game. (Thanks, IndieGamesPlus.)

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Tom Sykes

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