First Battlefield 6 screens may have leaked

(Image credit: Leaked image)

Two pictures supposedly from the next Battlefield game have appeared online. The images look like low-res screengrabs from a stream of a trailer: one is a rocket launch seen in first-person from inside another vehicle's cockpit, the other an aerial view of helicopters above an island during a storm. They don't tell us much, but are clearly not from a historical game like Battlefield 5.

(Image credit: Leaked image)

A modern-day or near-future Battlefield sequel would gel with information via leaker Tom Henderson, who claims the next Battlefield game will be set "around 10 years from now" and feature weapons based on those that currently exist, or are currently being developed. Henderson also says the game will simply be called Battlefield, and feature a campaign mode where you recruit a specialist unit both the USA and Russia will try to recruit. "It would also appear like this year’s campaign is a co-op experience", he said.

On the multiplayer side, Henderson's suggested we should expect a battle royale mode, and that the four classes will have different abilities rather than just gear loadouts: "For example a Scout soldier might have silent footsteps, whereas an Assault soldier might be able to sprint for a longer duration."

We've been expecting to see a reveal trailer for Battlefield in spring, so we'll likely know more for certain soon. In the meantime, the only official response to the many rumors surrounding Battlefield has been the official Twitter account posting a description of spaghetti.

Here's everything we know about Battlefield 6.

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