Battlefield 5's Pacific War chapter will be revealed on Wednesday

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Back in June, Electronic Arts teased a trip to the Pacific—the Pacific theater of war, that is—in Awakening the Giant, the fifth chapter in Battlefield 5's Tides of War post-launch updates. Today it announced that the next chapter will be fully revealed just two days from today.

The teaser is very brief and about what you'd expect: a square-jawed Marine with steely eyes gazes out onto a small jungle island that's coming under attack by overwhelming US naval and air power. Despite that uninspired take, I maintain an admittedly very faint hope that the game will surprise us by exploring more obscure elements of the theater, like the Flying Tigers, the battle of Hong Kong, or the Chindits.

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I also wonder about the wisdom of lining up those aircraft carriers like that. Seems risky.

The full reveal trailer will drop on YouTube at 9 am PT on October 23. We'll let you know how it goes.

Andy Chalk

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