Battlefield 5 players report game freezes when they check a specific menu

Battlefield 5 players have discovered a bug that can freeze your game if you click the 'Assignments' section of the in-game pause menu.

Players are reporting that the error either causes the game to blur or to fade to black, and the only way to fix it is to Alt+F4 out. It's not happening all the time, or to every player, but it sounds infuriating. 

You can see a few of your assignments—tasks such as dealing a certain amount of damage with a specific weapon type—when you pause, but you might want to click on the assignments menu for more information. 

Some players are also reporting the same error when they click the 'Server Info' button. For now, it's probably safer to hold off clicking either until DICE release a patch. You can check your assignments when you're in the main menu instead.

The problem was first flagged on this Reddit thread. It hasn't yet been added to DICE's list of known issues with Battlefield 5, but I'd expect it to be there soon.

Thanks, Kotaku

Samuel Horti

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