Battlefield 5 is getting Wake Island and custom games next week

Battlefield 5's Wake Island map, originally from Battlefield 1942, will be popping into existence next week, but ahead of that you can get a quick look thanks to the Wake Island overview trailer. I'm not particularly nostalgic about the map, which was last in Battlefield 3, but it looks like a blast. 

This version is twice the size of the original, but DICE says it's made other tweaks to stop everything devolving into sniper battles. So while the map's bigger, there are also more places to hide and opportunities to sneak up on enemies thanks to the increase in plants and rocks. Thanks, nature. 

It's generally pretty flat, though, and surrounded by ocean, so there's plenty of space to hop in a vehicle. Amphibious tanks and boats will also spawn on beaches, giving you another way to get around the island. 

The free update will be available on December 12, but before that you can start mucking around in custom games. On December 9, players will be able to create private games with the settings of their choice. You'll be able to create different configurations with only the maps and modes you want to play, and you'll be able to put them behind a password and give problem players the boot.

Private servers are a work in progress, though, so more features will be added next year. You won't be able to control what weapons, classes or vehicles are allowed, for instance, or at least not when it launches. There are some restrictions, too, so you can't do Tides of War activities or earn chapter XP. 

Here's the list of existing and planned private server features.

Fraser Brown
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