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Battlefield 5 devs assure fans that they're still making massive maps

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Some of the players in Battlefield 5 (opens in new tab)'s open beta, which ended this week, were worried that the maps were too small, and didn't live up to the mammoth arenas in previous games (this (opens in new tab) is a good example of the complaints). The DICE development team have responded to those concerns, assuring fans they're still making big maps—including one that's more than 1.5km end-to-end.

The big map in question is Hamada, and lead multiplayer designer Valerian Noghin shared an image to show its scale, noting that it's still a work in progress.

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Another level designer, Jeff Gagné, said that more big maps were on the way.

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The development team also shared a list of changes they're planning to make based on feedback from the open beta. Distance haze and lighting changes will make enemies more visible, and automatic weapons are being "adjusted" to make "time to kill as fair and fun as possible".

The list of planned changes, which isn't all that detailed, was posted on Reddit (opens in new tab)

Battlefield 5 is due out on November 20.

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