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Battlefield 4's big Spring patch arriving on Tuesday


Battlefield fans: are you still playing Battlefield 4, or have you shifted your attention to Visceral's Hardline? I ask because DICE aren't making it easy to decide, supporting their oldish B4 with big updates filled with guns and gun-related things. First came Winter—thanks to my man Ned Stark for the heads up—and soon comes the Spring update, which adds new weapons and an old mode and makes balance changes and all that jazz.

Phil recently detailed the upcoming patch, supplying all the salient information save the date of its arrival. Given that DICE hadn't told anyone yet, I suppose we can forgive him, but today we know the day and indeed the time that your copies of Battlefield 4 will be automagically updated.

On Tuesday the 26th of May (AKA two days away), B4's multiplayer will be taken offline for an hour while the game receives its Spring injection, DICE say. That's going to happen at 08.00 UTC / 08:00 GMT / 1.00 AM PDT, so you might well be asleep or getting ready for work anyway. Once the patch goes live, DICE will release the patch notes, so we can see exactly how they've tinkered with the game.