Battlefield 4 trailer shows destruction, surprise jet attacks [Update: story trailer also released, shows a dog being punched]

Update: DICE have also released a story trailer, ostensibly to show off "plot", but mostly to give us more explosions and a bit where a dog gets punched in the face. I wonder what that refers to?

Original: Oh no, we just posted a Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer . As an entirely impartial and wholly unbiased news organisation, we must now address the series' main competitor, for fairness and stuff. We're like the BBC up ins. At least until we start slapping scores on things.

Anyway, here's the latest bit of Battlefield 4 videography. Called 'Anthems', it's notable in that it suggests the game's variation on the traditional theme song will be comprised of musical notes, and not, as was previously assumed , the dull throbbing of an audible migraine.

"Sending enemies sky-high with C4"? Pft, real pros send themselves sky high. On a boat .

We sent clan leader John Strike into the beta to give his detailed impressions . You can also see what DICE plan to improve in the period between the beta and the launch. Battlefield 4 will be released on the 1st November in the UK, and the 29th October in the US.

Phil Savage

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