Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC maps officially named

If the majority of DICE's Battlefield 4 team are hurriedly trying to stamp out all of its many launch bugs , surely another squad has been holed deep in an underground bunker, thinking of ways to 'Levolve' the four returning maps of the Second Assault DLC pack. Those maps have now been officially revealed as Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman. Does this mean Metro will get a crashing train of thematically appropriate death? According to a previous teaser , no. Running over everyone in the map is probably a balance issue or something.

Many of the maps have long been suspected as Second Assault candidates, based on their popularity in the previous game, but the rumours and speculation were finally made official by DICE during a UK tournament last Saturday. Certainly it's not a bad selection, although Metro will inevitably cause some heavy sighs of despondency. It's in the unusual position of being both the most popular and most vocally criticised map from Battlefield 3.

As yet, there's no definite release date for Second Assault on the PC. Thanks to an exclusivity deal, it will launch first, and in full 720p glory, on the Xbox One this November 22nd. And even after that, Premium members will get access two-weeks before the rest of the community.

Second Assault is one of five planned DLC packs for Battlefield 4. The only other to be announced is China Rising, which promises "four massive maps, using all-new vehicles and high-tech military equipment."

Personally, I quite like three of the four maps named in this update, although I think BF3's Back to Karkand was a much stronger dip into the archives. Are there any maps you would have preferred to see instead?

Thanks IncGamers , (via PCGamesN ).

Phil Savage

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