Battlefield 4's Premium trailer contains hints for the redesigned maps inside Second Assault DLC

In the cacophonous mayhem of an EA conference, attendees are too busy fighting off a barrage of decibels to catch the finer details of the games they're being shown. Not so for us scattered around the internet, who enjoy the safety and luxury of volume sliders and pause buttons. And so it was that a super-sleuth on NeoGAF searched through Battlefield 4's various trailers, and found hints in one about the contents of the Second Assault DLC - the game's Battlefield 3 map remake pack.

Here's the trailer. See if you can spot the clues:

Okay, so they weren't exactly subtle - but let's zoom/enhance:

An oil refinery? What could it mean? Most likely that the oil-refinery-containing BF3 map Operation: Firestorm is due to make a reappearance.

Pillars! Like the ones you might find underground, in, say, a Metro station. Like, for instance, the one that appears in Operation: Metro. Interestingly, in one brief section, you can see a bit of roof fall on someone's head. That means there's Levolution afoot!

And here's Caspian Border. I would continue to dress this up as a coy mystery, but come on, it is, isn't it? Again: a thing is falling down. This would appear to be a running theme.

I'm less sure about this one, but the community seems pretty convinced that it's Gulf of Oman, and that sounds about right. Good work, community!

Previously, DICE's Alan Kurtz called Operation: Metro and Caspian Border the community's "runaway favourites" for Battlefield 3, so these hints would fall in line with that. There is still a chance that these aren't the finalised maps, though - without an official announcement, we can't call it for sure.

Second Assault is currently undated, with the only solid information being that it's "first on Xbox One".

Thanks, Pixel Enemy (via MP1st ).

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