Battlefield 4 reward system shows changes for veteran players, objective game types

DICE has dropped some intel about Battlefield 4 's online ranking and rewards system, giving us a look at what we'll be up to for 100-plus hours in the game's multiplayer. The usual ribbons and medals return in BF4, but DICE is also hinting at perks that can only be achieved by the hardiest of veteran players.

"Your rank is directly tied to your accumulated score throughout your multiplayer career, and is a way to represent the sum total you've accomplished so far," reports DICE's rewards summary. "A very skilled player will rank up faster than an average player, but it also comes down to sheer time that you have dedicated to the battlefield. Even if you hit the Colonel 100 Rank milestone, there are still new items to collect—we're adding high-end assignments that are only attemptable by high-rank characters."

DICE also says it's switching up how points are allocated for team-friendly play in objective games types. We've already seen that at least with its new Obliteration game mode , DICE is upping the amount of objective gameplay options. Naturally, it's great to hear that teamplay and sacrifice will be rewarded in a more nuanced way than in BF3.

"If you are trying to reclaim a base but get killed just one second away from completing the capture, you'll still be handsomely rewarded for the great attempt, for the risk you put yourself in, and for playing the objective," according to DICE. "By contrast, doing the same in Battlefield 3 would have netted you 0 points if the flag was not at least neutralized."

The full—and lengthy—report on the BF4 reward system also includes details on subtle changes to weapon unlocks, squad perks, and kill assists. Be sure to check out our beta report and first impressions —Battlefield 4 releases October 29.