Battlefield 3 trailer mixes live action with in-game footage

EA has released a new boundary-blurring trailer for its upcoming Battlefield 3. Consisting of live-action video intermingled with in-game footage, the trailer poses the question, “Is it real, or is it Battlefield 3?”

It's a fairly smart way to promote the new game's Frostbite 2 engine, which promises a new level of gritty, military realism. The fast cutting and (presumably) CGI effects in the live-action portions video challenge the viewer's notion of reality, and this piece is fast becoming an A-level media studies essay. That said, it's fairly easy to spot the live-action bits - they're the ones that look like they're not from a computer game.

There are a few other clues. The camera's generally level and smooth, whereas the in-game footage is marked out by its shakicamness. The contrast levels generally seem to be stronger in the in-game footage, too. But we still reckon EA's going to turn around and say, “This is actually all in-game footage. You fools!” Connection issues with the multiplayer side of the game have delayed our review, but you can still read our Battlefield 3 first impressions .