Battlefield 3 screenshots celebrate US launch

Battlefield 3 - death buggy

Battlefield 3 is out today in the US, but not in Europe for another three whole days . To stop players from keeling over with anticipation EA have provided a bunch of new screenshots. If you wobble them around a bit you can sort of pretend you're in the game. Have someone shout "WAR," "THERE'S NO TIME!" and "SHOOT HIM, SHOOT THAT MAN" into your left ear while someone else does the 'baba ba bababa' riff into your right ear and you're basically there. Well, not quite. You can read our Battlefield 3 first impressions for an idea of what it's really like.

The shots are taken from both the multiplayer and single palyer portions of the game, consisting of action shots as well as a few vistas that show the amazing draw distances and effects the FrostBite 2 engine is capable of. See bigger versions of the thumbnails DICE previously released of each of Battlefield 3's nine multiplayer maps . Which one will you jump into first when Battlefield 3 finally unlocks?