Battlefield 3 screens show in-game scenes and storyboard sketches

Battlefield 3 - take cover!

The latest Battlefield 3 screens give us a mixture high-res shots from the recent series of Fault Line videos , and some development images showing off the game's lighting and destructibility systems. There's a four-part image showing a building collapse, before and after shots of an alleyway lit with Frostbite 2's stunning lighting tech, and even a few storyboard images. You'll find all of the shots embedded below.

The seven in-game shots come first, showing scenes from Battlefield 3's single player campaign. Then comes the building destruction shot, followed by the alley renders, storyboard shots, animation images and a glimpse of the level of detail DICe put into rendering their vehicles. Clicking on each image will blow it up to full size, the ideal way to digest the detail of those streetfight scenes.

Tom Senior

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